Facebook Increases Traffic, Losses Traction

According to a December 2008 report by comScore, Facebook, who had been trending upward as Blogger was trending flat, should have now surpassed Blogger for social media traffic. At the same time, Facebook fell behind SoMe competitor MySpace for actual user engagement. MySpace users spent an average of 90 minutes more on the site than did Facebook users. MySpace also continues to succeed in page views with 579 per user in January versus Facebook’s 337, the former showed a 10% increase in pages views compared to the later’s 3% increase.

How, one might ask, is this possible? Everyone knows that MySpae is for college dropouts and pedophiles and Facebook is for all of the beatiful smart people right? Actually, while Facebook may have begun as a SoNet for college students, it has quickly ecome populated with a varied audience, including non-college and business-minded types. Many of these are engaging withother social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, dividing their attention. At the same time MySpace, which is most likely more attractive to users just now dipping their toes in social media, is seeing a less distracted crowd.

Any other theories on the shift?

See the numbers at TechCrunch.


on “Facebook Increases Traffic, Losses Traction
2 Comments on “Facebook Increases Traffic, Losses Traction
  1. Myspace also makes it harder to navigate around you are stuck there longer. But if you are creating a page for yourself and writing blogs I think that would keep you there longer. I still think there is more engagement on Facebook. That is why I like it.

  2. I think I agree with Jamie. Facebook is much more efficient and intuitive than MySpace. You log-in and basically see what everyone has done or said right away. On MySpace you have to search for your interactions a little more rigorously, which could lead to you spending more time there.

    You also mentioned it is much more appealing to people who are just getting started with social media. That is a factor as well, as people are just figuring out what certain things do, and familiarizing with the navigation.

    I’d be interested to see how many of those people on MySpace who spend 90 minutes on their page eventually migrate over to Facebook within 1, 2, or 3 months.

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