Update: Internet Users Update 100% More

The recent study released by Pew Internet & Family Life project shows that Internet users that use Twitter, Facebook status and other status services is up 100% since April. 19% of Internet users are telling us what they’re doing, constantly. Approximately 87% of Americans are Internet users (I say approximately as 3 different studies gave me 3 different percentages).

It’s obvious that status updates are becoming increasingly pervasive. Facebook recently revamped their home page design to accommodate more immediate feeds and Twitter continues to grow. Status broadcast news has seen an explosion on Twitter, from consumers posting hot news items like the January Hudson River plane landing to live updates from Fox, CNN, etc. This last bit is important. The most immediate news has always been via radio and TV. As celestial radio station listener numbers shrink, it’s value as a news source has as well. Television continues to dominate news, except for those Americans that still have jobs. No one brings their 52″ LCD to work, yet. This means that the American workforce can receive the latest news via Twitter or Facebook through their work computer, even their phones.

Introducing this value to users, as well as major pushes from Oprah and Ellen has increased Twitter usage dramatically. A recent estimate by eMarketer expects there to be 26 million Twitter users by 2010.

Download the Pew Internet & Life Project study here.

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on “Update: Internet Users Update 100% More
One Comment on “Update: Internet Users Update 100% More

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