You’re not Selling Products, You’re Selling Engagement

Cigarette companies had it right. WAY back in the day, when cigarette companies still advertised, the would show their cigarette package mixed in with a scene of hip, cool, good looking young people having a great time playing pool or surfing (must have been tough smoking a wet one). They weren’t selling the product, they were selling the lifestyle.

Fast forward to a time when I have gray hair.

When you’re selling your service or product, consider that people are less interested in what you sell than what they can do with what you’re selling. Apple nails this with their new iPhone 4 ads. Let’s leave out their antenna issues for a second and watch the spot. It’s not about how shiny and sparkly the phone is, it’s the emotional impact of what being able to talk to a friend or love one face-to-face means.

Many agencies and brands have gotten so caught up in what they’re selling that they’ve forgotten why they’re selling it. Next time you’re looking to differentiate your marketing message, think about your customer using your product for the first time, the anticipation finally being paid off with “wow”. This is the sound of your client engaging with your product (unless your product sucks, then it’s a different sound, perhaps “ugh”, maybe “aargh”). Film your spot, design your site, and write your copy around that. Distribute it. Watch sales rise.

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