Social Media is Like a Christmas Tree. Seriously.

Social Media is like a Christmas Tree.

You can fake it, just pulling a plastic tree out with all of it’s lights and decorations already in place. Many companies offer these kinds of cookie-cutter options.

Or, you can buy a real tree. You have alot of options here, Home Depot, neighborhood lots, or go to a farm and cut down your own. You get the opportunity to decorate however you want, however fits your space, your aesthetic sense, your lifestyle. You also learn about your tree and your decorations as you decorate. As years go by you become a tree picking and decorating master with plenty of experience and opportunities to modify your approach as your needs and situations change.

Yes, it does take more effort, yes you have to water it, yes you have to sweep up the pine needles. But what you get in exchange for that extra effort is something uniquely yours that smells of fresh pine.

Now I could add that real trees are a renewable resource that ads to the economy while fake trees rely on fossil fuels, aren’t biodegradable, etc. But it’s really the experience, the care you take and the group effort that’s involved.

So, have a Happy Holiday and don’t be afraid to smell the pine!


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