How to Create a Top 10 SuperBowl Commercial

For those who are strapped by inflated production costs and the $3 million media buy for a SuperBowl commercial, here is a cost cuttingbit of advice to help you next year:
Fire your ad agency!

It’s become very easy to simply reach into a hat to pick your concept so why pay the overhead for all of those turtlenecks, MacBooks, free coffee, trendy glasses, and downtown offices full of interns? Simple pick from the list below, insert your product, add your logo at the end and PRESTO! you have one of the top ten SuperBowl commercials. See? Wasn’t that easy?

1) Cartoon or clay-mation celebrity doing an irreverent “uncommercial”.

2) Mashup of current flavor of the week celebrity (best choice: teen one-hit wonder) and a beat up celebrity on the downward side of his career, but someone that the parents in the room can relate to.

3) sexual/emotional tension between two people in a new relationship (we’re seeing a gay trend in the coming years, you might want to jump on that).

4) Someone contemplating how mundane their life has become while inserting your product as their sure-fire escape from the banal.

5) Animated or puppet of cute animal doing something very human and interacting with an example of your audience.

6) Animal rocking out.

7) We Are Patriotic, Buy Our Stuff (even if it was actually made in Mexico, China or Canada)!

8) Misplaced popular culture icon.

9) the threat of a hot girl revealing even more.

10) Talking baby.

If your bosses or client are concerned that they might be perceived as cheapskates or not taking the SuperBowl opportunity seriously, there are plenty of up-and-coming or down-and-out 3rd rate celebs for second tear commercial spots or larger celebrities for upper tier budgets that will shoehorn nicely into any of the “turn-key” commercial opportunities above.

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