Google+ for iPhone Launches


Google+ for iPhone Released


Google+ was released for iPhone today. Scrolling through G+ you’ll see many posts like “finally, Google Plus for iPhone”. We’ve become such an MTV-generation on crack that having to wait 3 weeks for a smartphone app for a brand new social network (?) platform is excruciating!

If you are ready to download G+ for iPhone, click here. Word to the wise: you CANNOT currently find Google+ by searching the App Store. You must open this link on your iPhone.

Anyway, here are some screenshots:

Get started screen for Google+ for iPhone

The sign-in screen, clicking here requires your Google login and password credentials.

Home screen for Google+ for iPhone

From here you can launch your circles, stream, upload photos or edit your profile.

Stream screen for Google+ for iPhone

Stream screen for Google+ for iPhone


Much like the mobile browser version, you can swipe through the streams from your various circles. A little tough for those of us with more than a few circles (disclaimer, I have 39 and counting).

Photo screen for Google+ for iPhone


From this screen you can see photos from your circles, view or edit your albums, see all the photos on your iPhone and choose which to upload, and see pictures of you others have posted.

Circles screen for Google+ for iPhone


You can view your Google+ Circles (I’m calling them Gircles dammit) here, add more, edit them. You can even see here how many people haven’t uploaded a damn avatar. My family is obviously not tech savvy!

People screen for Google+ for iPhone


You can view your contacts by name and add to Circles here. You even get the ubiquitous Suggested People feature, if you’re feeling lonely and adventurous.

Huddle screen for Google+ for iPhone


I’m still trying to figure out what a Huddle is. There’s no explanation so I’m going with thinking of it as group chat. Unfortunately NOT a Hangout. I wouldn’t hold my breath for Hangout on iPhone or iPad, since it will conflict with Apple’s Facetime. I’m looking forward to using Google+ Huddle for the next Boston Social Media Club meeting.

I’m sure stuff will be changing as the Google+ team keeps moving forward. They’ve been doing a great job in taking everyone’s feedback.

I’m looking forward to the iPad app and more updates in functionality.


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