Glass vs iPhone Videography Test



I finally had time to sit down and do a little comparison between the photography and videography functionality and quality of Google Glass versus my go-to device; iPhone 4S.

The images in the header above have been lightened a bit but each was taken with the opposite device. Take a look at the media below to see the differences.


The first comparison is photography.


Next I used the same subject to create 2 short, 10 second videos. On the left you will see the inspector report from Quicktime for video shot with Google Glass. At 1280×720, we’re talking 720p, half the resolution of the iPhone, but a fifth the size of the file size. On the left is the inspector report for video shot with the iPhone 4S. Both used H.264 compression and similar audio quality at 44.100 Hz, but interestingly, Glass claims to be in stereo where the iPhone is notoriously in mono.

Google Glass video detailsiPhone video details

But pixels and file size aside, the real difference can be seen in the video itself not only from a quality standpoint but also a functional standpoint. I’ve uploaded both videos to Vimeo, so there might be some additional compression added, but as both are treated the same, the difference should beĀ irrelevantĀ in showing the comparison.

Through iPhone

IMG 1857 from michael durwin on Vimeo.
Through Glass

20130713 135511 168 from michael durwin on Vimeo.

Click on either one to get larger versions of the video.

You can see that the primary issue we have with Glass is it’s inability to focus manually. Now, this may not be an issues for other video which I’ll be testing soon and only for psuedo-macro photography that I’m attempting with my R2 unit. Lighting is also an issue. I purposefully used a medium lighting scenario to see how they both reacted. iPhone certainly adapted better to the lighting situation but it did so dynamically giving us uneven lighting.

Next I’ll take a look at photography.

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