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Michael Durwin launched his first social media campaign using demographic and psychographic targeting in a website-traffic-driving strategy in 1995. Yes, 1995; before Snapchat, before Facebook, before MySpace, even before Friendster. He launched the first brand channel on YouTube for Decathlon Sports, the first character Twitter handle and first brand live stream for NBC, posted the first brand video on YouTube, was putting audio and video on websites in 1994 and designed streaming video players for ABC, ESPN and Disney in 2006. He also launched one of the first brands in a virtual world (he’s still waiting for that to take off).

Michael has worked with dozens of national and international brands across multiple industries to enhance their digital and social media presence. WIth experience on both the brand and agency side, he is currently consulting on social media strategy, helping brands reach high Click Through Rates through paid social optimization, developing social strategy, providing competitive social media analysis, thought leadership mentoring and social selling training. In addition to these strategic roles he is free to assist brands with social campaigns focused on conversions, awareness and follower acquisition as well as both the creative, strategic and day-to-day management of social media campaigns.

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