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Museum of Me from michael durwin on Vimeo.

10 things you’d know about me if you Followed me on Twitter or Facebook:
1) I’m very into social media, it took me a while to realize I’d been using it since the early 90s
2) I think mobile is redefining how users are engaging with YOUR content
3) I still love Flash though I don’t recommend it for websites anymore (see #2)
4) I love new business
5) I do my own home renovations
6) I live in Boston, specifically, the fun intersection of Brighton, Allston, and Brookline
7) I’ve abandoned my start-up: Rangl.Me
8) I’m a member of the Boston Social Media Club
9) I spend every morning commute trying to increase my gas mileage.
10) I was just interviewed by ForexMagnates.com
10 things you probably didn’t know, even if you Followed me on Twitter or Facebook:
1) I’m an only child but have 5 step- or half-brothers, 3 step-sisters, 1 brother-in-law, and 1 sister-in-law
2) I used to play in a band
3) I’ve been to many Star Trek Conventions (sans costume), even got my picture taken with @BillShatner
4) I like video games with shooting
5) One of my favorite client activities is developing brand guides (you don’t have one?)
6) Give me a product/service and an audience and I can market it successfully
7) I spend at least 2 hours a day learning new things. Some for clients, some for me.
8) I can argue either side of a discussion
9) Though most movies suck, I enjoy most of them
10) I’m lactose intolerant, but still eat a ridiculous amount of cheese

For those curious about the site; it is built on a WordPress CMS with a heavily modified template. The design and functionality will be updated as I work to improve the functionality, content and overall user experience.

If you are a business prospect, potential partner of potential employer, feel free to ask for professional references and case studies. If the case study doesn’t exist for a particular project you see I’d be glad to get it together for you with a bit of notice.


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Portfolio: http://www.mdurwin.com/portfolio

Timeline: http://www.dipity.com/mdurwin/Michael-Durwin


email: mdurwin(at)gmail.com
my main social networks: http://about.me/mdurwin

Of course you don’t really know me unless you know my Twitter friends. Here they are around about 1/10th of them in no particular order:

Get your twitter mosaic here.

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