Michael Durwin Resume Infographic

Michael Durwin Resume Infographic


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  1. Hi, we are in need of a Creative Director for our Ottawa, Canada studio.

    The position calls for amazingly effective communication, a positive attitude, and an inspiring strong work ethic. Candidates must be self‐motivated, willing to be challenged by the Executive Creative Director and clients.
    Required Skills & Experience
    Lead creative teams, drawing together Art Directors, Designers, Copywriters, Content Strategists, Interaction Designers, and Developers to produce beautiful and intuitive interactive design experiences from concept to execution. Solutions must be both innovative yet usable and within budget ‐ all the while being spot‐on with client objectives.
    Set and maintain the creative vision throughout the duration of a project
    Effectively absorb our existing methodology and drive concepts and strategies through the entire creative and development process ‐ internally and externally
    Act in a creative leadership role with clients, vendors, and internal resources with intelligence, humility, charisma, and solid work ethic
    Passionately seek a deep understanding of the client’s business, brand, and marketing objectives. Work closely as a proactive problem solver and partner with the account managers and producers.
    Provide strong conceptual, creative direction and leadership for client presentations, new client acquisition, and new business pitches to sell ideas and work alike
    Maintain high standards for execution and attention to detail in all aspects of interactive design and development
    Work collaboratively with Producers to set timelines, resourcing plans, and deliverables is critical for success
    Create presentation decks quickly and effectively that strategically communicates and/or sells in creative concepts to existing and new clients
    Relentless in work ethic and passion to do the best work possible on each and every project
    Maintain immersion in digital culture and online social media, then engage the office and promote interactive knowledge and creativity
    Willing to travel frequently
    Additional Skills & Experience
    Able to manage stress
    Able to drive teams to an extreme level of quality and performance on deadline
    Excellent presentation, oral, and written communication skills
    Excellent team‐building, problem‐solving, and conflict resolution skills
    Enthusiasm, positive energy, and ability to maintain a sense of humor under pressure
    Strong attention to detail and focus
    An innovative and solution oriented mindset
    Strong ability to analyze & conceptualize
    Strong interactive/digital knowledge
    Ability to understand user interaction
    Up to date on the latest technologies and their capabilities
    Ability to work in cross‐functional teams in high pressure situations
    Willingness to simultaneously tackle multiple projects and challenges
    Passion to rapidly build expertise on new businesses and industry verticals
    Desire to create sustainable businesses and innovative user experiences for the largest brands on the web
    Minimum of 7 years experience creating medium‐large interactive and/or web projects – including applications, gaming and creative advertising efforts
    Experience estimating production budgets and resource planning skills
    Experience with functional specification development and information architecture
    Previous Art Direction and/or Design experience
    Have strong connections with a wide variety of creative resources


  2. Hi Michael Durwin

    I am Daniel Magyar, campaign manager at Greenzero.
    Let me introduce our latest camera related development.

    SNOW Camera Stabilizer:
    The world’s first twin-grip 3-axis mechanical camera gimbal.

    More info:

    SNOW was designed by experienced professionals specially for indie filmmakers and YouTubers.
    It is the first and only mechanical competitor of electronic brushless gimbals, an all in one universal camera rig for flawless camera operations.

    SNOW is available on Indiegogo.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us.
    Yours sincerely,

    Daniel Magyar
    Campaign Manager
    SNOW Team/Greenzero

    • Daniel,
      Very cool. I’d love to check it out. Do you have clips to use it with mobile devices like iPhones? I see you have a ton of back orders. What will the final pricing be?

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