Branding Portfolio

Branding isn’t just about pretty logos. It’s about building a character around your company. How are you positioned against competitors? What is your tone, what is the language you use when speaking to vendors, customers, the press, etc. All of this is painstakingly developed through interviews with the brand’s stake holders, employees, vendors, and customers. It is an enlightening event, not just a marketing exercise, but a learning opportunity. You will most likely be surprised by the results, but it will help you become a stronger, more focused organization.Only then can we get to the pretty logos, the rules around using it, your letterhead, packaging, email signature and every place that your visual brand reveals itself.

Like my case studies, brand guides I’ve developed have been pitched to leads by other companies that had nothing to do with them. Unfortunately this means I can no longer host samples on my site. If you’re considering a re-branding, or just now launching as a brands and interested in seeing the full-breadth of my branding work, please contact me for samples at mdurwin (at)

In the meantime, here are samples of some pretty logos:



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