Video Portfolio

Video has always been a love of mine, most likely stemming from the hours I spent glued to the TV watching Creature Features. Early in my web design career I augmented a site with video, not common or practical in the mid-90s. I’d always felt that just because computer screens were not TVs didn’t mean they couldn’t be made to come alive with movement. In an early position with a major financial corporation, I was the first to create animations for their site, which at the time had to by 5k or less! Many years ago I took a break from web design to focus on video production. I created opening animations for television shows, station IDs, and corporate presentations for DVD and CD-Rom.

I‘ve been thrilled that video technology has developed so rapidly, allowing me to bring to of my loves together. It’s been interesting to see others realizing that video on the Internet is far more than a gimmick but a legitimate way to enhance communication. The work below represents projects for television and the Internet, some as stand alone pieces, others as assets created to enhance an online project.


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