Big Media's Dewey Wins Moment

Did Big Media just have its Dewey Won Moment?

Early in the campaign process I wanted to look at the objective data to see if social sentiment and other social indicators could predict...
The Secret Social Network

The Secret Social Network

I wrote this for my employer Fuseideas. I thought I’d share here. Secret is a pretty interesting app and one of many built around...
pay-up for Facebook engagement

Why Marketers and Brands Need to Stop Whining and Pay Up or Take a Risk

I’ve had it. I mean it, I’ve really had it. One more blog post about how Facebook is hurting brands by charging them to...

Google Glass Movie Sound

Needless to say, audio is an extremely important part of a film, from the music to the dialogue to the foley assets. Also needless...
Google Glass film

Google Glass Video Workflow

One of the highlights of Google Glass is it’s camera. Sure it’s not the best (only 720p, far worse than most smart phones), but...
Google Gmail Tabs

Marketers Should Rejoice over Gmail Tabs

Marketers are up in arms over the new tab system in Gmail. But while they're currently complaining, they should be rejoicing. They have a...
Google Glass video details

Glass vs iPhone Videography Test

  I finally had time to sit down and do a little comparison between the photography and videography functionality and quality of Google Glass...

Wearable Tech Is Not The Future

Google Glass has inspired a parade of commentary from media, tech bloggers and the general public whose premise is that wearable tech is the...
Fear of Google Glass

Fear of Google Glass

There has been some interesting media attention focused on the dangers of Google Glass. As a Google Glass Explorer I find them interesting, and...
this is how Google Glass Works

How Google Glass Works

Thanks to Martin Missfeldt we now have a clearer understanding about how Google Glass works in this detailed infographic.